1. Do you accept credit card? 

Due to fraud and charge backs along with payment processors not willing to work with our industry, we currently only accept Interac eTransfer and CASH. We do not cover cash lost in the mail. GET TRACKING IF YOU SEND A CASH PAYMENT. We will contact you once your order is made about your payment method.

2. Worldwide Shipping? 

Canada Seeds currently ships within Canada only.

3. Is your shipping discreet? 

All of our packages are shipped very discreetly and your package may be shipped in a number ways, the customer’s name and address and a return address being the only info on the parcel.

4. Do you provide tracking numbers? 

Everything is sent via Canada Post letter mail – Once you order is shipped we will provide you with a tracking number.

5. How long will it take for my parcel to arrive? 

Orders typically take 2-4 weeks to arrive.  If you do not collect your parcel it will be returned to us and we will then contact you to confirm that your address details are correct so that we can reship if it does eventually arrive back with us.

6. Which Currency will you charge me in?

As Canada Seeds is a Canadian company we will charge you in Canadian Dollars (CDN) only at the checkout.

7. Can stock be reserved?

Unfortunately we cannot reserve any stock unless a payment has been made.  If you make an order and send payment through the post, we cannot guarantee you will receive the desired items as they may go out of stock by the time the money order reaches us. We do apologize for any inconvenience caused by this, but we cannot guarantee stock due to volume of orders that are made and unpaid for.

7. Do you have a germination guarantee?

Our job is to facilitate the transaction between the breeder and customer.  They come in original tamper proof packaging that has not been opened or disturbed.  Because of this Canada Seeds as a company doesn’t replace seeds.  Any issues regarding your seeds at all must be handled directly with the breeder.  We can help facilitate a conversations to clear up issues, up to and including replacing seeds directly from the breeder however it is at the discretion of the breeder not Canada Seeds.  Some breeders will replace seeds some won’t.

8. How do seeds come?

Seeds come sealed in original breeder packaging.

9. What is your return policy? 

Refunds can be made up to the point where they are shipped.  Once they are shipped no refunds or exchanges will be accepted.

10. Do you offer whole sale prices?

NO. The prices on the website are the prices we charge.

11. How long will you hold my order without a payment?

You must make a payment/ Contact us with tracking info for a cash payment within 24 hours of you order being made or your order is automatically cancelled. We can not hold stock without a payment.